• Harmonica

    An incredibly authentic replication of a real harmonica, this instrument features a wide key range with several octaves of...

  • FM Piano
    FM Piano

    A classic sound that has appeared on more hit recordings than virtually any other keyboard. OK, they were all in the 80s....

  • Bright Electric Guitar
    Bright Electric Guitar

    We captured a truly sweet guitar sound that is sure to liven up your tracks with authentic Strat tone. Boston guitarist...

  • Classic Bass
    Classic Bass

    The dean of American basses, the Fender Precision is a four-string workhorse chock full of thick, rich tone. Somehow,...

  • Electromatic Style Kit
    Electromatic Style Kit

    Audio impressionism with an electro-retro kick. Welcome to Electromatic Style Kits. Electromatic is a living,...

  • Deep Frets Electric Guitar
    Deep Frets Electric Guitar

    Because There's No Power Like Indie Rock Witness the instant classic, a new foundation for rock. Get your Indie/...

  • Deep Frets Acoustic Guitar
    Deep Frets Acoustic Guitar

    Welcome to Deep Frets - Acoustic Guitar, a beautifully rich, vibrant acoustic guitar collection that simply must be heard...

  • Chocolate Sticks
    Chocolate Sticks

    Chocolate Sticks is a versatile collection of 1200 loops and 650 one-shot hits that puts you in the producer's chair...

  • Chameleon Drums Funk Drums
    Chameleon Drums Funk Drums

    Drummer Mark Walker combines superior musicianship with unbelievable soul to create an acoustic drumming masterpiece. A...