• Inspiration Hip-Hop RnB
    Inspiration Hip-Hop RnB

    Loop connoisseurs, prepare to be inspired. Bandmates Inspiration Hip-Hop RnB brings an explosion of modern Hip-Hop and RnB...

  • Inspiration Hip-Hop Derty South
    Inspiration Hip-Hop Derty South

    Watch out Bandmates Inspiration Hip-Hop - Derty South is invading your music system with lusciously gritty southern style....

  • Hotbox Vol 3
    Hotbox Vol 3

    Hip-Hop artists the world over consider the crucial element of Hip-Hop production to be Akai MPC. In continuing with this...

  • Hotbox Vol 2
    Hotbox Vol 2

    Hip-Hop artists the world over consider the crucial element of Hip-Hop to be Akai MPC. Hotbox Volume 2 embodies the very...

  • Hotbox Vol 1
    Hotbox Vol 1

    Hip-Hop artists the world over continue to trust one element over all others for producing their magic: Akai MPC. Given...

  • Electromatic Style Kit
    Electromatic Style Kit

    Audio impressionism with an electro-retro kick. Welcome to Electromatic Style Kits. Electromatic is a living,...

  • Chocolate Sticks
    Chocolate Sticks

    Chocolate Sticks is a versatile collection of 1200 loops and 650 one-shot hits that puts you in the producer's chair...

  • Chameleon Drums Funk Drums
    Chameleon Drums Funk Drums

    Drummer Mark Walker combines superior musicianship with unbelievable soul to create an acoustic drumming masterpiece. A...

  • Brushed Beats
    Brushed Beats

    PBrushed Beats is a collection of over 1200 loops and 500 one-shot hits tastefully played and creatively arranged to allow...