Electromatic Style Kit

Electromatic Style Kit


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  • Audio impressionism with an electro-retro kick.

    Welcome to Electromatic Style Kits. Electromatic is a living, breathing window into underground Electro-Clash style. (Electro-Clash genre is best known for industrialized rhythms and rich retro-synth sound.)

    Electromatic features 16 different Style Kits, each with a distinctly Electro-Clash oriented theme. Industrial-style synth bass is combined with mangled drum rhythms, arpeggios and exhilarating synth effects. Mix and match parts in each Style Kit for nearly limitless possibilities and the ultimate Electro-Clash experience.

    Electromatic delivers:

    16 Complete Style Kits, each featuring drums, bass and effects
    Over 120 unique Electro-Clash style loops
    Superior compatibility with today's modern music software
    Outstanding sound quality and versatility
    Turbocharge the creative process

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