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  • Blue Jay Studios. This is where Carly Simon, Alice Cooper, Joni Mitchell, Amy Grant, the legendary group Boston, and many other great musicians have recorded and mixed their CDs. And this is where the SONiVOX Blue Jay Drum Series comes from. Need we say more? OK, we also hired renowned engineer Mark Tanzer (NRBQ, Carly Simon, Patty Larkin, Jerry Marotta, Livingston Taylor, Lyle Mays and others) and his arsenal of top-notch audio gear to get the best, cleanest, punchiest recordings possible.

    Taking full advantage of Blue Jays excellent wood, stone and glass recording rooms, we recorded natural small ambient and large ambient versions of a 15 piece Yamaha Maple Custom drumset, including DW and Yamaha snares, a Paiste hi-hat and Zildjian cymbals all here in 1 value priced DVI.

    Please Note: This DVI is not for the Alesis DM10 Drum Module.

    Discounted pricing is available for owners of previous versions of this instrument.  Please visit for more details.

    • Windows System Requirements
    • Windows 7 - 10

    • Minimum 2GB RAM, 4GB Recommended

    • A VST 32/64 or AAX 32/64 compatible host application

    • Apple System Requirements
    • OS X Version 10.8 - 10.11

    • Minimum 2GB RAM, 4GB Recommended

    • A VST 32/64, AU 64 or AAX 32/64 compatible host application

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I just wanted to tell you that I bought the Blue Jay Drums, and they are fantastic! Really, I was blown away with the sound of them. They are so well done I felt like I was playing a real set (even though I was just whacking away at my Roland SPD-6)! I have to compliment Sonic Implants on the fine quality of this product. In fact, these drums sounded SO good, I had to play through all of the kits on my K2500 to convince myself that I wasn't exaggerating! I wasn't though -- there is just no comparison with the stock sounds on the 2500. So thanks for such a great product. I think that anyone looking for great sounding drums should own at least one of these sets.

Dr. David Walker

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