• Chameleon Drums 2 World Beats
    Chameleon Drums 2 World Beats

    Experience world acoustic drumming as only Mark Walker could deliver. We started with a traditional drum kit then let Mark...

  • Anatomy

    We invite you to delve into the different, and explore the extraordinary that is Anatomy, SONiVOX's re-imagination of...

  • Atomic Beats Dance Drums
    Atomic Beats Dance Drums

    Caution: May result in an international trans-boundary release of dance rhythms! Atomic Beats offers the critical building...

  • Atomic Synths Dance Synths
    Atomic Synths Dance Synths

    BandmateLoops Atomic Synths is the perfect complement to Atomic Beats- and your dance tracks. Featuring powerful synth...

  • Bent Circuits
    Bent Circuits

    A huge collection of beats and textures from Ben Cantil's secret laboratory of modified toys, synths, gameboys and...

  • Blue Jay Drums
    Blue Jay Drums

    Blue Jay Studios. This is where Carly Simon, Alice Cooper, Joni Mitchell, Amy Grant, the legendary group Boston, and many...

  • Brushed Beats
    Brushed Beats

    PBrushed Beats is a collection of over 1200 loops and 500 one-shot hits tastefully played and creatively arranged to allow...

  • Chameleon Drums Funk Drums
    Chameleon Drums Funk Drums

    Drummer Mark Walker combines superior musicianship with unbelievable soul to create an acoustic drumming masterpiece. A...

  • Chocolate Sticks
    Chocolate Sticks

    Chocolate Sticks is a versatile collection of 1200 loops and 650 one-shot hits that puts you in the producer's chair...