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Sonivox Big Bang Universal Drums Setup With An External Drum Module

Big Bang Universal Drums allows virtually any MIDI controller to be easily mapped out to trigger all the different drums sounds that come with this software. This is done using it's built in MIDI Learn function. This tutorial will walk through setting up

SONiVOX Vocalizer and Ableton Live 8 Setup

Sonivox Vocalizer is a powerful plug-in that transforms vocals and instruments into sounds previously not even imagined. Unlike most other plug-ins, Vocalizer requires both a MIDI and audio signal in order to generate sound. But once it receives both, i

SONiVOX Virtual Instrument Troubleshooting

When it comes to SONiVOX, cutting-edge sound creation is made easy. Most of the instruments come with large sound banks that the instruments call upon to help facilitate your creative juices, but sometimes a 'break' between the virtual instrument and the

Mapping a SONiVOX Plugin to an External MIDI Controller from within Ableton Live

Ableton Live allows easy MIDI mapping of nearly any Live parameter to nearly any third-party MIDI controller. But what about plugins? Can a SONiVOX plugin parameter be mapped to a MIDI controller while running in Ableton Live? Absolutely! And this art

SONiVOX DVI Windows 7 Installation

Sonivox has a ton of great, affordable Downloadable Virtual Instruments (DVIs). This article addresses the DVI installation process on a Windows 7 64-bit operating system and helps the user understand how to install a Sonivox DVI correctly, and where the

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