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TimewARP 2600 - Frequently Asked Questions

For nearly 4 decades, the ARP 2600 has helped to provide the backbone for electronic, urban, and popular music. Today, musicians and producers aggressively pursue the limited number of remaining ARP 2600 synthesizers for their distinctive warmth and unmat

SONiVOX Playa 1.4 - What You Need to Know

Playa, Play Aggro Electro boom, and Playa Hip Hop Strings, are hip hop virtual instrument plug-ins packed with fat sounds, pro features and interfaces that are ridiculously easy to use. This article walks through some of the features of the 1.4 update th

SONiVOX DVI Installation - Mac

Sonivox has a ton of great, affordable Downloadable Virtual Instruments (DVIs). This article addresses the DVI installation process on a Mac operating system and helps the user understand how to install a Sonivox DVI correctly, and where the information

32-bit vs 64-bit - Your Questions Answered

In the world of computing, the differences between 32-bit and 64-bit anything can be quite confusing. The following article helps to clarify the differences between 32 and 64-bit operating systems as well as between 32 and 64-bit programs. It also expla

I bought Wobble 1.0 or Twist 1.0. Is a free 2.0 upgrade available or do I have to pay to upgrade?

Customers who have purchased Wobble 1.0 or Twist 1.0 within 30 days of or after the release of the 2.0 versions are eligible for complimentary upgrades.

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