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SONiVOX Vocalizer and Ableton Live 8 Setup

Sonivox Vocalizer is a powerful plug-in that transforms vocals and instruments into sounds previously not even imagined.  Unlike most other plug-ins, Vocalizer requires both a MIDI and audio signal in order to generate sound.  But once it receives both, it wil go nearly anywhere your imagination can take you!  The following article will help to get you through the setup in Ableton Live so that you will easily be able to start creating music quickly, while also gaining some knowledge of Ableton's routing abilities.  So let's get to it!

Before we begin, ensure that Ableton Live 8 and Sonivox Vocalizer are installed on your supported and compatible computer.  Also, ensure that you have your MIDI controller connected and powered on.

  1. First, open Ableton Live 8.  The program defaults to open with one Audio track and one MIDI track.  This is exactly what we are going to need to get things running.  If your version defaults differently, ensure that you have one empty Audio and one empty MIDI track opened and you are in Session View.  Your screen should look similar to the one below:


    Make sure you that you click on the word Audio in track one to ensure that the Audio track is the current active track in Ableton.
  2. Next, in the browser on the left of the main Ableton Live window, choose the Plug-In Device Browser by clicking on the circle with icon that looks like a plug in it.

  3. Find Vocalizer in your list of plug-ins and drag-and-drop it to the Audio Effects window below the main Ableton Live window to add Vocalizer as an effect to the Audio track.

    alt  sonivox vocalizer arrow  alt
    This action will also open the Vocalizer plug-in interface.  For the time being, close the Vocalizer interface window.
  4. Back in the main area of the Ableton Live Session View, there are a few changes to the Audio track that needs to be made.  First, in the Audio From area, change the Input Channel from 1/2 to 1 if you want to record directly from a live mic in order to get a Mono signal.  Leave it on 1/2 if you have a pre-recorded audio file already inserted on a track.

    Next, ensure that the Track Activator (yellow) and Arm Session Recording (red) buttons are activated.

  5. Now some settings in the MIDI track need to be changed.  Under MIDI From, choose your MIDI controller.

    In the MIDI To drop-down menu, choose the audio track that you have Vocalizer running on as an effect.  In this example, choose 1-Audio

    Now, hold the Ctrl button on your keyboard and click on the Arm Session Recording (red) button on the MIDI track.  This will allow for both the Audio and the MIDI track to simultaneously be armed.  Your two tracks will look very similar to the following:

  6. Finally, press and hold a key or keys on your MIDI controller and speak into the microphone or play the previously inserted audio file.  Also, by pressing on the Tool button in the Audio Effects area of the Audio track, you can access the Vocalizer interface and adjust to your hearts delight.  Enjoy!



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