Virtual Instruments

  • AfroCuban Percussion
    AfroCuban Percussion

    The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth percussion. This is the Latin Percussion collection you've been...

  • Ambient Producer
    Ambient Producer

    Sonivox is proud to have teamed up with Prime Loops to provide producers with all they need to discover new genres or...

  • Anatomy

    We invite you to delve into the different, and explore the extraordinary that is Anatomy, SONiVOX's re-imagination of...

  • Atomic Beats Dance Drums
    Atomic Beats Dance Drums

    Caution: May result in an international trans-boundary release of dance rhythms! Atomic Beats offers the critical building...

  • Atomic Synths Dance Synths
    Atomic Synths Dance Synths

    BandmateLoops Atomic Synths is the perfect complement to Atomic Beats- and your dance tracks. Featuring powerful synth...

  • Atsia Percussion
    Atsia Percussion

    Atsia Bass Drums This collection includes the Dunumba, Kenkeni, and Sangban (all from Ewe tribe of Ghana), Gungon (from...

  • Banjo Five String
    Banjo Five String

    A 5-String Banjo with down and up-picked samples that auto alternate in Round Robin fashion to give your country, rock, and...

  • Bent Circuits
    Bent Circuits

    A huge collection of beats and textures from Ben Cantil's secret laboratory of modified toys, synths, gameboys and...

  • Big Bang Cinematic Percussion 2.5
    Big Bang Cinematic Percussion 2.5

    Epic Percussion Whether you are searching for that extra bit of rhythmic flavor, or striving to create the most epic of...