• AfroCuban Percussion
    AfroCuban Percussion

    The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth percussion. This is the Latin Percussion collection you've been...

  • Atsia Percussion
    Atsia Percussion

    Atsia Bass Drums This collection includes the Dunumba, Kenkeni, and Sangban (all from Ewe tribe of Ghana), Gungon (from...

  • Banjo Five String
    Banjo Five String

    A 5-String Banjo with down and up-picked samples that auto alternate in Round Robin fashion to give your country, rock, and...

  • Blue Jay Drums
    Blue Jay Drums

    Blue Jay Studios. This is where Carly Simon, Alice Cooper, Joni Mitchell, Amy Grant, the legendary group Boston, and many...

  • Clavinet

    A musical wonder and still one of the funkiest sounds around. We've captured it in all its percussive glory for your...

  • Creamy Fuzz Guitar
    Creamy Fuzz Guitar

    Creamy fuzz tones, mutes, harmonics and feedback. PLUS something new, Hammer-On Tones for the ultimate in soulful rock leads....

  • Dynamic Acoustic Bass
    Dynamic Acoustic Bass

    Warren Senders, Boston bassist and vocalist, filled up our studio with his upright bass sonorities. Like Warren himself,...

  • Electronica

    An essential collection of classic electronic drums, synths pads, leads, basses and fx. A great mix of current and vintage...

  • Erhu

    Originating in China over 1000 years ago the Erhu is the classic Chinese equivalent to the western Violin yet with a much...