• Electronica

    An essential collection of classic electronic drums, synths pads, leads, basses and fx. A great mix of current and vintage...

  • Mellotron Vintage Synth
    Mellotron Vintage Synth

    The Mellotron is one of the most well known and easily recognized early legends. Using Analog tape to playback recorded...

  • SoundStage

    SoundStage is a comprehensive virtual instrument that's sure to knock your socks off. With guitars, basses, drums,...

  • Synth Basses
    Synth Basses

    A generous helping of sampled synth basses designed to add some special kick to your bottom end. You'll find plenty of...

  • Synth Drums
    Synth Drums

    Load up this extensive palette of percussive elements to build your own drum loops and breaks. This kit features...

  • Synth Leads
    Synth Leads

    As if you could ever have enough. A healthy smattering of squares, sines and triangles that will put some extra meat and...

  • Vortex I
    Vortex I

    Experience the Vortex I, the virtual synth that's custom made for the Alesis Vortex keytar controller. This powerful...