• Dubstep Destruction Tools
    Dubstep Destruction Tools

    The only comprehensive toolkit for Dubstep creation! Don't wait for the drop. Create it.  Dubstep...

  • Melody Maker Collection
    Melody Maker Collection

    This collection of melodic instruments literally offers hundreds of sonic tools you can add to your studio setup in an...

  • Playa Producer Pack
    Playa Producer Pack

    Playa Producer Pack Treat yourself to a heaping hip-hop helping of powerful production tools from SONiVOX. We’ve...

  • Studio Guitars Collection
    Studio Guitars Collection

    If you need a guitar on your next track, Sonivox has 6 for you. We put together an essential collection of studio guitars...

  • Studio Percussion Collection
    Studio Percussion Collection

    Add a wide collection of meticulously sampled percussion instruments to your studio. Each instrument contains a deluge of...

  • Symphonic Brass Collection
    Symphonic Brass Collection

    The Symphonic Brass Collection, featuring solo and ensemble French Horns, Trombones, Trumpets and Tubas, is the newest...

  • Symphonic Harp
    Symphonic Harp

    A MINI version of our larger DVD collection- Symphonic HARP, featuring four velocities of lush harp finger tones and...

  • Symphonic String Collection
    Symphonic String Collection

    Recorded by Emmy award engineer Antonio Oliart and RIAA award engineer John Bono, designed and produced by SONiVOX engineers,...

  • Symphonic Woodwinds Collection
    Symphonic Woodwinds Collection

    The Symphonic Woodwinds Collection, featuring solo and ensemble Piccolo, C, & Alto Flutes, Bb, Eb & Bass Clarinets,...